Braided onions

What I thought was braided garlic turned out to be white onions which I only realized after I was done photographing them. Sent by my sister-in-law’s uncle from India, I honestly hadn’t seen anything like it before (i.e. for onions). The wife decided that this as a subject was the perfect challenge for me to photograph…. I was completely dumbfounded. (>.<)

I threw everything from purple gels to huge reflectors at it in the hope of creating something that would impress the wife. Muddled frame of mind usually results in muddled pictures. I was in shambles (photographically) and my time was running out. So I settled for a simple product shot on a black background that honestly was a pretty safe image. The main light source was a softbox on the right of the camera (at 45°) with a silver reflector on the left adding some fill. A CTO gelled flash placed between the black background and the string added the back-light to give the image some warmth. Nothing cutting edge but I was pleased with the results.

Onion string - Faisal

And then the wife turned up; snuffed my effort as “an okay shot” and went about photographing it herself. And then my mind was blown. She placed the string outdoors on painted wooden planks with her main light source being direct sunlight streaming through steel railings with the white wall on the other side serving as fill light.

Onion string - Aasiya

I had (IMO) been pwned. This round goes to the wife… (-_-)


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