Lumia Portrait shoot attempt #1

Inspired from the fstoppers iPhone fashion photo-shoot BTS video, this was an attempt to see what kind of results we could accomplish with the Nokia Lumia 920 and a pair of Elinchrom Quadra strobe heads.

Disclaimer: Since it was pretty much an afterthought, not much time was spent on the lighting setup which inevitably meant the results were rather average and the colours botched up necessitating the monotone conversion.

Subject : Shruti Jagdeesh with an awkward smile
Location : Jadaf, Dubai
Shooting Date/Time : 01/12/2013 07:46 pm
Cameras used : Nokia Lumia 920
Main light : Elinchrom Quadra flash head modelling lamp with a standard 21 cm reflector, a 30’ Honeycomb grid and a diffusion cloth to the left of the camera.
Hair light : Elinchrom Quadra flash head modelling lamp with a wide reflector right behind the subject.

Hopefully we’ll have another go at this soon and possibly throw in a Samsung Galaxy S3 and a Canon EOS 5D Mark II just for comparisons sakes…

Comments and critique are welcome.

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