Paris 2014 : Part 1

There was an opportunity to travel to France last year that went for a toss thanks to the embassy here not processing my visa on time. A few wasted tickets and 10 months later I was back in line at the visa counters. Fortunately this time I was well equipped and got the visa dealt with on time. It was a short (two nights) work trip to cover the UNESCO -Sharjah Prize for Arab Culture award ceremony which essentially gave me a meager 3 hours to wander around.

Spiralling up

Staying at the Four Seasons hotel George V inevitably meant the Arc de Triomphe was the closest tourist spot to visit. Unfortunately it was wrapped up in scaffolding and any effort to make it look appealing was trashed. The heavy traffic and flocking tourists didn’t help the cause either. So the first night/evening was spent meandering around and inside the hotel.


The next morning was spent at the UNESCO headquarters followed by a few hours working on the pictures for a same day press release. The HQ building architecture was rather fascinating. It had this unfinished feel to it that was so unlike what we get in the UAE

Saga of American Comic

The Saga of American Comics (1973-1999) shows a collection of Erró’s work inspired by American comic books in the true pop art way. The exhibition was the first of a series entitled “living artists in the patrimonial collection of Unesco’s works of art” being hosted at the UNESCO HQ.

Eiffel tilted

The cliché Eiffel tower shot from the Palais de Chaillot with a bit of TS-E lens effect done in photoshop because I was bored. This shot has been done to death to such a degree that over a thousand people must have taken this picture on the same day as me.

Mobile photography

Therefore I tried this instead and I kind of like it. Anyway the number of couples going goo-goo eyed over each other around the Eiffel was too damn high. I guess Paris still is a *romantic* holiday destination for many. I really can’t comprehend how a city as crowded and vandalized as Paris can still be counted as romantic.

The wedding party

And off to the other side I went. There I spotted a bride getting frisky with the groom in the sheer joy of being married I guess. As they stood through the limousines sunroof posing for the photographer; the wedding party hastily arranged themselves into a group to be shot by the other photographer who was clearly fumbling around. This is my favorite shot of the Eiffel. (^_^)


I strolled around the grounds for a while watching con artists trying their trade at the thousands of tourists around. As usual no one bothered me as I went unnoticed which gave me the space I required to look for a “different” picture of the Eiffel tower. Sadly I doubt I even managed to come close to achieving that.


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