Paris 2014 : Part 2

It was time to head back since I was running out of time. I squeezed my way through the long lines under the Eiffel bridge (which also had scaffolding), sidestepped a few hawkers and waited among a hundred people to cross the road. The Elevator

And that’s when I looked back and up. I stood there taking multiple pictures trying to get the symmetry right which wasn’t an easy task with a 200mm non-stabilized tele-photo lens. I like this one. (^_^)

Quai Branly

I decided to walk the southern bank of the river Seine till the next crossing across just so I could walk through some different scenery while avoiding the crowds and still looking for more chances to shoot the Eiffel tower. I was clearly obsessing over it because it “was”an easy subject to photograph. Here’s a picture of the trees opposite the Quai Branly Musuem.

Passerelle Debilly

The Passerelle Debilly bridge was a prime example to how vandalized the city is. Each steel pillar of this arch bridge was covered with some kind of graffiti, stickers or love messages. It wasn’t the prettiest sight.

Passerelle Debilly

At least it made a nice cliché “B&W symmetrical bridge with humans walking” picture.

Cours Albert 1er

 I wish I could have spent a few hours here. It was gorgeous (apart from the weird statues in the middle). I have no idea what it’s called but its right next to the Cours Albert 1er near the Bateau Mouche boats.

Cycle track

And here’s the cycle track under the left side trees. *sigh* Possibly my favorite non-Eiffel tower picture from the trip.

Bateaux Mouches

Oh look! Tourist…. clamoring at the exit gate of the Bateaux Mouches that runs open excursion boats on the river Seine. It was hilarious watching them being fidgety and frustrated as they impatiently waited to get out to scamper off to the next tourist attraction on their list..

After an elaborate dinner at The Market restaurant (after being refused entry in another fancy restaurant due to my casual attire) with the client, it was time to curl up in bed for an early start the next morning to catch the flight back. Obviously I’d seen just the smidgen of what Paris has to offer but clearly from what I saw I kind of liked Frankfurt better. It even felt safer which in my head is of utmost importance cause I do carry a rather expensive camera with me. Maybe someday I’ll be back and maybe I’ll be able to see more. Till then… meh!


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